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The focus of the piece is that indispensable everyday item on which we spend about a third of our lives: it is on mattresses that we go through the truly elementary experiences of our existence – we are born on them, we sleep, love, rest, dream, and die on them.

Tim Krohn dedicates a collection of short stories to a certain splendid mattress specimen on which the play’s scenario is based. In the book, the protagonist mattress becomes a refuge for escapist dreamers, whose biographies reflect the collective history of the period from 1935 to 1992. Leo Dick’s score intertwines the intimate and the historical-allegorical dimensions of Krohn’s text: the chamber music-like performance is repeatedly interrupted by electro-acoustic feeds that weave sonic objets trouvés from the decade depicted into the composition.



Cast: Lisa Tatin, Franziska Baumann, David Zürcher, Francesco Biamonte, Noëlle-Anne Darbellay, Annekatrin Klein, Johannes Feuchter. Lead: Leo Dick (Komposition, Regie), Tassilo Tesche (Szenographie, Co-Regie), Cyrill Lim (Klangregie), Yesid Fonseca (Produktionsassistenz).

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