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Taking a time out is all the rage at the moment, it seems to have become the latest hype and, therefore, also a lucrative market. While some people take a time out from work and travel to Thailand for a three-month yoga retreat, others treat themselves to a five-minute extra break each day with a cup of «Time-Out Tea».

Herbstlabor explores the broad and vague meaning of the term time out, whilst taking into account how closely intertwined it is with the neo-liberal basic structure of the current economic and social system. On the one hand, taking a time out fits in well with our high-performance and self-optimisation society, in which «unproductive» breaks are deemed less desirable and taking a short break should lead to everyday life being more efficient. While on the other hand, a self-empowerment (illusion) can arise while taking a time out. Since the individual trapped in everyday life can – so the promise – enjoy a relaxing, albeit limited, break and step «out of time» for a moment.

The issue of time out is to be illuminated in a variety of artistic and/or scientific contexts as part of Herbstlabor. The focus is firmly on the close links to religion, (gendered) bodies as well as resistant practices and appropriations.


At the public presentation, the artists* show what they have created and Barbara Duden contributes her expertise.

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