Heimspiu is a project of Das Tanzfest Bern, BETA and Dampfzentrale Bern, in which collaborative works by Bern-based dance professionals are curated. 2020 marks the second time this event has been staged.

The performance «drzwüsche» deals with the topic of the duality of an identity.

We ask the question: “How does a person identify and cope with two cultures?”

The piece takes a fresh look at the processing and exchanging of experiences.

It’s a tribute to everyone who feels «drzwüsche», to people with a migrant background who learn to find a balance between the culture of their parents and Swiss culture, to those whose parents come from two different countries and feel at home and/or foreign in both. We’re all somewhere in-between, as no identity is static. The majority of people know the feeling of belonging everywhere and nowhere.

Anna Chiedza Spörri

Anna has been active in the Bern dance scene for over 10 years. She started with hip-hop, house and ragga and has gradually developed all these styles extensively.

She is the founder of the female dance group «Urban Rebels», of «Unusual», a promotional dance group for young women, of «Rebels Collective» and the co-founder of the urban dance event «Limelight», which provides a platform for young choreographers in Switzerland.

In 2017 and 2018, she was invited to take part in the intensive training programme of the renowned choreographer Rhapsody James in Los Angeles. At the beginning of 2019, she choreographed two full-length pieces, which were performed in Bern at BeSTival and Tojo Theater.

Anna grew up in Switzerland, spent three years in Tanzania and has travelled to various countries in Africa. She still has a sense of being alien despite feeling at home in many places.


Muhammed Kaltuk

Muhammed has been a passionate hip-hop and street dancer since the age of fifteen. He is the founder of the dance group «Special Elements», which also runs its own dance school, where Muhammed regularly gives lessons.

In 2015, he graduated from the School of Urban and Contemporary Dance in Zurich. During his training he developed a profound interest in contemporary dance and has since combined his own style with contemporary choreography. Today, Muhammed Kaltuk is active throughout Switzerland and abroad as a choreographer and director for stage plays and videos.

Muhammed’s parents are Turkish, but he grew up in Switzerland. He also finds it is somewhat of a balancing act to exist between the two cultures. Despite being a celebrated dancer and choreographer in Switzerland, he is not fully understood within his own family.

Choreografie: Anna Chiedza Spörri und Muhammed Kaltuk
Tanz: Brian Witsch, Malin Schuler, Nina Ritter, Sophie Gerber, Davide Pillera, Giulia Esposito, Lorena Phan