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20:30 Doors / Haya33, DJ Set
21:30 Hatis Noit
22:45 Evita Manji
00:00 Haya33, DJ Set

Pulsing through the insides of the otherworldly

Hatis Noit comes from Hokkaido in Japan and has recently moved to London. She is one of the most remarkable vocal performers between Pop and Avantgarde at the moment. Inspired by Gagaku – classical Japanese music -, various opera styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chants, traditional music of the Solomon Islands and Pygmy singing, the singer and sound artist creates a mystical but also decidedly modern work full of spirituality. In her music, the voice plays the leading role, loop pedals and effects are at her service, recorded field recordings lay a ground now and then. Hatis Noit’s first album outside of Japan, Aura, has just been released by English label Erased Tapes (Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Lubomyr Melnyk).

Evita Manji

Evita Manji’s productions are catchy and ethereally aloof at the same time. The Athens-based artist combines contemporary club music with baroque pop elements and experimental sound design to create expressive compositions. Manji deals with existential themes and their interrelationships: How can the doom of global climate meltdown be reconciled with the possibilities of self-realization, love and physical autonomy? Berlin-based label PAN (Eartheater, Arca, Pan Daijing, Puce Mary) couldn’t be more fitting for Manji’s debut LP Spandrel? which will be released on January 30.


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