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Tickets CHF 20.- / 30.- / 40.-
Price category freely selectable
Kulturlegi: 16.- (box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, cultural GA, wheelchair spaces)

Spoken languages: Swiss German, German, English
Duration: 2 hours
Bring along: Good, weatherproof shoes and clothing as well as your own headphones and smartphone to scan the QR code.
Not barrier-free. The walk starts and ends at Dampfzentrale. The walk itself takes place in the Allmitwald forest.

The audio contributions will be available for free at from June 22.

The performance on October 23 takes place in collaboration with the festival endlich.menschlich.

There are no individuals. There aren’t even separate species.
Everything in the forest is the forest.
-Richard Powers-

A walk in the forest takes you out of the cultural time frame and context.

You are with yourself, with your body. You decide your pace, your rhythm. Perhaps also that of the group, if you walk with others. «GOLD» is a walk in the woods, framed by documentary voices on the subject of grief. «GOLD» creates a local and temporal space for this ‘being alone together’. It is not intended to absorb grief. Not to silence it. It is intended to give it space, a voice, an awareness, a natural place within the time of life.

«GOLD» is a ‘silent walk’, a performative walk that brings together sound, movement, forest and people.

«GOLD» is for people who have already experienced grief and for those who are yet to experience it.



Artistic direction/concept:
Kathrin Yvonne Bigler
Direction & Interviews: Kathrin Yvonne Bigler
Sound & Editing: Christine Hasler
Oeil Exterior: Martin Bieri
Production management: Irene Andreetto
Scenography: Annatina Huwiler
Dramaturgical advice: Lucie Tuma
Artistic and organizational collaboration: Lu Läderach
Web design: Samuel Dunkel

Hosting Team Walks
Kathrin Yvonne Bigler
Christine Hasler
Lu Läderach
Lucie Tuma
Annatina Huwiler
Tejus Menon
David Fonjallaz

Thanks to the voices of
Prof. Dr. Irmtraud Huber – Uni Konstanz, Philippe Nauer, Tom Ryser, 
Silja Vögeli, Tejus Menon, Prof. em. Dr. Kathrin Altwegg – Uni Bern, 
Dr Claudia Michel – BFF Abteilung Soziale Intervention, Bettina Tanner, David Fonjallaz, Michael & Sophie, Gyan Härri – aurora Bestattungen, 
Hermann Bigler, Laura & Ilias, Bettina Heiniger – Praxis 3043, 
Annyett König – Familientrauerbegleitung, Samuel Hurni – Herzchirurgie, Angelika Huber van Rinsum, Claudia Neuburger – Punctum Aureum, 
Tibet Ylmaz – TCM, Ismael Taisch, Stéphanie Berger – Trauercafé

Thanks to Lomotion AG for their support.

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