«2042» is a project of the transcultural and multilingual group FUTUR2. Dancer Téné, DJ Melisa and object performer Stephan Q. (all roughly 30 years old) create a «play-laboratory for futures» based on scientific studies and research with 10-year-old children. Together, they questioned the present and the past to imagine what the world might feel like in 20 years’ time, when today’s 10-year-olds will be roughly 30.

The theatre is turned into a laboratory: potatoes are used to generate electricity, colours are transformed into music, the latest trendy sporting activity is danced and robots serve iced tea and champagne. However, it is also where people fight for resources, find themselves pushed into degrading low wage jobs and are enslaved by machines. Nature, toys, everyday objects, artificial intelligence, music gadgets, robots, various languages all serve as the ingredients for experiments to discover what the year 2042 might feel like. In the process, humanity is walking a fine line between absolute freedom and total collapse.


Individual cultural backgrounds, several languages, a wide variety of artistic means of expression and a strong interest in issues of the future: FUTUR2 is at home in various cultures and «trans»acts with and within them – as it also does with the diversity of first and second languages (Swiss German, Mooré, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, English, Polish). United by a common interest in art where the categories of being a child and being an adult dissolve, FUTUR2 takes theatre to the level of «how it will have been».

Table Talks

On Sunday 22 May, discussion rounds about the five kicks! productions are planned in the Turbinensaal of the Dampfzentrale between 13:30 and 14:50. In the format of a «production speed-dating», each table will feature a kicks! group as well as a jury member of the festival. The programmers will then be allowed to enter into an exchange with each of them in a 15-minute time slot.


Music/Sound: Melisa Su Taşkiran
Production management: Fiona Schreier
Choreography: Téné Ouelgo
Stage/Costume: Ernestyna Orlowska
Research/Mediation/Concept: Milena Kaute
Light/Sound/Technique: Luz González
Direction/Concept: Edith Sophia Godau
Direction/Concept/Object Theatre: Stephan Q. Eberhard
Outside Eyes: Daniela Ruocco & Diana Rojas-Feile

In Collaboration with
the classes 5c, 5d, 6c, 6d of Tscharnergut School Bern

Co-produced with
kicks! Festival Bern, Schlachthaus Theater Bern