Ossia (Blackest Ever Black, Young Echo / UK)

Electronic music and Bristol – sounds like a clear pattern. Far from it, at least in the case of Ossia. The Brit is a jack of all trades and not only on his own productions. He is the co-founder of a number of labels, such as Peng Sound, Hotline Recordings, and No Corner. Despite all this diversity, Ossia has a definite signature sound – namely, his grim bass cascades and the intricate drum variations that define both his solo work (which appears on favourite labels such as Berceuse Heroique) and productions by the ominous Young Echo Crew, of which he is a key member.
Ossia’s album Devil’s Dancer has just been released on the monumental British label Blackest Ever Black.

COS (City Trance, Studio Mondial)

COS are from Bern, but the DJs in the fast lane are more often to be heard in the milieu of Zurich’s basement raves than in Bern. That’s why you have to seize every opportunity you get to hear them here. Straightforward stories are not what they are about, so this exciting duo are a matter for people with open ears.