After 14 June is before 14 June. The struggle for equality must continue. Sadly, this is not possible without noisy demonstrations and discussions. Therefore, the discussion forum «Frauen im Theater», which was launched in the 2018/19 season, is back for a second series. Between December 2019 and March 2020, selected stage productions at Dampfzentrale Bern and Schlachthaus Theater Bern will provide the basis for feminist debates. The introductory presentations focus on the stage works and set them in an overall context. After watching the piece, the audience is invited, under the guidance of theatre maker Momo M. Kunz, to critically and creatively exchange ideas with the respective experts and authors. This season we are taking a closer look at «exemplary leadership structures», «queer family models», «motherhood» and «gender-sensitive urban planning».

Gerechte Zugänge zum öffentlichen Raum

Input lecture by Martina Dvoracek
(Co-President of Lares. Verein für gender- und alltagsgerechtes Planen und Bauen, Bern)

After the performance
Active exchange with the audience, the artist and the expert under the guidance of the theatrewoman Momo M. Kunz.