«Je suis sûre qu’à la fin les femmes gagneront.» This bon mot is attributed to the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. May she be right. The feminist series «Women* in Theater #3» deals with why «gagner» does not mean to defeat here, but “to overcome”. Why it is not about the victory of one social gender over the other. On the other hand, the joint series of Dampfzentrale and Schlachthaus Theater shows how the powerful patriarchy continues to hold women* captive.

With gender researcher and sociologist Franziska Schutzbach, choreographer Tabea Martin, Club 111 and director Meret Matter, in the third and last edition of the series «Frauen* im Theater #3» we take a feminist look at the topics of dying, daughter-mother relationships and the exhaustion of women* in a patriarchal society.

Franziska Schutzbach

Franziska Schutzbach is a gender researcher, sociologist, book author and feminist activist. She teaches at various universities, is a member of the Gleichstellungskommission Basel-Stadt and co-organizes the feminist salon at the Kaserne Basel. In October 2021, she published her latest book «Die Erschöpfung der Frauen. Wider die weibliche Verfügbarkeit».

Contributors: Alessandra von Aesch, Anneli Binder, Maike Lex, Tabea Martin, Meret Matter, Franziska Schutzbach

Photo credits: Anne Morgenstern