How should racism on and behind the stage be dealt with? For black people and people of colour, the question often arises as to how greater representation and less discriminatory working conditions can be incorporated into the worlds of art and music. Are black people and people of colour taken into account when targeting audiences or even viewed as cultural enthusiasts? We want to tackle these and other questions in a critical manner, since racism affects all of us on, behind and in front of the stage. The workshop leaders shall ensure a space for exchange.

The format is reserved for black people and people of colour and all mixed-race persons (people who are visually read as white when they are not, i.e. white passing).

Workshop leaders: Dshamilja Gosteli, Pascale Altenburger, Marianne Naeff

This workshop is part of the racism-critical work at Dampfzentrale Bern. Further information here.

Masks mandatory. Further information here.