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Socio-critical, powerful, provocative - on International Feminist Fight Day we invite you to Dampfzentrale for a concert by Ester Poly! Together with the Zurich-Geneva duo and support from Belia Winnewisser and 400JASA, we will dance for solidarity and feminist togetherness.
20:00 Opening / Belia Winnewisser b2b 400JASA (DJ Set)
21:00 Ester Poly
22:00 Belia Winnewisser b2b 400JASA (DJ Set)

Ester Poly is the name of the cross-generational Geneva-Zurich duo of Martina Berther (electric bass, vocals) and Béatrice Graf (drums, vocals). Their music is straightforwardly punky, sensual, trashy, always unabashed, and spiced up with a good portion of influences from improvised music and jazz. Socio-critical, powerful, provocative, of course; peppered with slogans and hostile to the thinking of the genre. As the WOZ wrote about them: «Too tricky for punk, too hard for jazz, but not a broad-legged rock either. Ester Poly are always somehow «proto» or «post» , a primal stage or an infiltration. Ecstatic!»

Ester Poly’s concert will be framed by musician and DJ Belia Winnewisser, who is always a pleasure to see and hear, and 400JASA from Radio Bollwerk-Klüngel.

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