The aim of the new four-part project “eins+eins” by the Bern-based ensemble Ensemble This | Ensemble That is to expand your concept of percussion through collaborations with artists who do not come from their immediate musical environment (Zimoun, Julian Sartorius, Strotter Inst.). This idea results in very different approaches by the requested artists. Through their unconventional guests, Ensemble This | Ensemble That not only tries to further develop their work but also to expand their audience. Ensemble This | Ensemble That are Brian Archinal, Victor Barcelo, Miguel Ángel García Martín, and Bastian Pfefferli.

Christoph Hess, alias Strotter Inst., has been generating sound and rhythm structures with prepared turntables and discarded or forgotten remnants of the cultural industry for many years. These structures are slowly shifting, constantly changing, and feature aspects of music and installations, as well as performance.