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Tickets CHF 20.- / 30.- / 50.-
Price category freely selectable
Kulturlegi: 15.- (Box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, Kultur-GA, wheelchair spaces)

Together with composer Andreas Eduardo Frank, director Matthias Rebstock and scenographer Sabine Hilscher, Ensemble Proton Bern embarks on a search for a raw, untamed version of the self. “PLATZEN PLATZEN PLATZEN” is an experiment in which the people on stage listen deep within themselves. What does the inner imbalance sound like? What would a day look like without self-imposed filters and control mechanisms? Thinking in clear paths is levered out for this experimental set-up and allows what is otherwise suppressed: We let it burst!

Sound and performance emerge from loss of control. Emotions inflate and burst, consciousness seems fragmented. But it is precisely in this state that windows and new possibilities open up to think, hear and see differently. In the stage design, the two- and three-dimensional merge. Graphics, projection and stage objects create an aesthetically unique, installative “world of place”.


Flute: Bettina Berger
Oboe: Martin Bliggenstorfer
Clarinet: Richard Haynes
Bassoon: Arlette Probst
Harp: Vera Schnider
Piano: Coco Schwarz
Violin: Maximilian Haft
Violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa

Andreas Eduardo Frank

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