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BonehOren (*1991):
Municipal Shuffle (2022) UAcom

Lin, Mu-Xuan (*1984):
A teenage fairy, they were (2022) UAcom

Schafer, Dominique (1967 – 2019):
Vers une présence réelle… com
pour Ensemble Proton Bern

Ueno, Ken (*1970):
Like Starlings in Winter (2022) UAcom

Ensemble Proton‘s tour of the North American West Coast in 2018 witnessed many exciting artistic encounters. At the universities of Stanford, Berkeley and Seattle, the ensemble got to know both young composition students and their teachers. Several of these encounters left a lasting impression and sparked a mutual desire to work together more intensively and to learn from one other. Two new compositional concepts by Oren Boneh (then PhD candidate, Berkeley) and Ken Ueno (Professor of Composition, Berkeley) originate from the 2018 exchange with Ensemble Proton. One of the prominent Swiss composers featured on tour was Dominique Schafer, who tragically passed away in 2019. West Coast Reloaded is a programme conceived for, performed in and dedicated to the memory of Dominique.

Mu-Xuan Lin, who lives in Los Angeles and life partner of Dominique Schafer, has been commissioned to write a new composition. Through our strong connection with Dominique, we enjoy a friendly bond with the young Taiwanese born composer and alumnus 2013 winner of Protonwerk. Swiss audiences may be curious to see how her musical language has developed since then.

Oren Boneh pursues a setting akin to a musical drama in his new piece that showcases Richard Haynes’ impressive virtuosity as a solo clarinettist alongside the unique instrumental mix of the full ensemble. Haynes and Boneh will work together closely in bringing the solo instrument to life in all its facets and exploring the contrasts between the beautiful, the comical and the monstrous. Ken Ueno, on the other hand, dedicates his new work to the lupophone, the bass oboe that Martin Bliggenstorfer had specially built for his instrumental work several years ago. Here, too, composer and soloist will be engaged in an intensive collaboration.

Composition commissions by Ensemble Proton Bern sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

MO 12.12.2022 - Der besondere Probenbesuch


Ensemble Proton Bern

conductor – Matthias Kuhn
flute – Bettina Berger
oboe – Martin Bliggenstorfer
clarinet – Richard Haynes
bassoon – Elise Jacoberger
trumpet – Noé Nillni
harp – Miriam Paschetta
piano – Coco Samuel Fried
violin – Maximilian Haft
violoncello – Jan-Filip Ťupa

Grafik: Studio Flux

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