Zeno Baldi (*1988), copia carbone UA (2022)
Samuel Hvozdik (*1993), Na mene nezáleží UA (2022)
Sachie Kobayashi (*1990), être UA (2022)
Seong-Hwan Lee (*1996), Parole sparse UA (2022)
Ben Lunn (*1990), Three European Concerns UA (2022)

Protonwerk is the contemporary music platform created by Ensemble Proton Bern. The promotion of young talent in cooperation with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is aimed at composers starting out on their professional careers. Those interested can apply to receive a commissioned composition for one of the annual Protonwerk concerts.

A one-day workshop was held in the autumn of 2021 and an intensive rehearsal period will take place directly before the concert in the spring of 2022 as part of the usual Protonwerk structure to enable a careful exploration of these exceedingly rich sounds.



Ensemble Proton Bern
Dirigent – Aaron Cassidy
Flöte – Katrin Szamatulski
Oboe – Martin Bliggenstorfer
Klarinette – Richard Haynes
Fagott – Elise Jacoberger
Harfe – Miriam Paschetta
Klavier – Samuel Fried
Violine – Maximilian Haft
Violoncello – Jan-Filip Ťupa

Fotocredits: Remo Ubezio