Rebellion is a characteristic feature of new music: Never being satisfied with what the past has to offer. Searching for new methods, for unheard-of solutions. Focussing on socially relevant topics through the subtle mechanisms of sound art. This approach to making music may have left its mark after ten years of ensemble proton bern. Over the past few months, it has been a case of out with the old and in with the new, thereby testing solutions and forms of communication, tackling relevant issues and shaping the future. Michael Kaufmann, President of Verein Teilchenbeschleuniger – Verein zur Unterstützung zeitgenössischer Musik (Particle Accelerator – Association for the Support of Contemporary Music), discusses the social explosiveness of the latest music with the renowned composers Michael Pelzel and Stefan Wirth, and asks whether you have to behave terribly in the world of art in order to make new music heard.


Kessler, Thomas (*1937): My lady soul (2019), com

Pelzel, Michael (*1978): Hidden side of the moon, terrible ten (2020) UA

Wirth, Stefan (*1975): Brache (2020) UA

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Dirigent: Pierre-André Valade. Flöte: Bettina Berger. Lupophon: Martin Bliggenstorfer. Klarinette: Richard Haynes. Kontraforte: Elise Jacoberger. Harfe: Vera Schnider. Klavier: Bobby Mitchel. Violine: Maximilian Haft. Violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa.
Foto: Oliver Oettli