Our perspectives appear to be frozen. While having kicked off previous years with a bang, we’re now being forced to start this one at a somewhat slower pace. What will the future bring, will things continue as before or will we see much change, where am I in all of this uncertainty, and when will the pandemic finally be over and done with? The answers to these questions are either vague, uncertain or non-existent. Forecasting anything is just as difficult as planning something.

«Eingefroren» saw the return of Dampfzentrale Bern after its contemplative break. Four artists took up residence and work at Dampfzentrale for one week each at the beginning of 2021. in four livestreams they presented their work to the topics:

«Eingefroren»: Nils Amadeus Lange
«I’m not sick, I’m in pain»: Sun Niederer
«Well-being»: Daniela Ruocco
«Was kommt?»: Brandy Butler

Nils Amadeus Lange: «Eingefroren»


Nils Amadeus Lange works as an artist, performer and choreographer in Zurich. At the centre of his practice is the body, which functions as a means of deconstructing conventions, social models and gender stereotypes.

Sun Niederer: «I’m not sick, I’m in pain»

Sun Niederer

Sun Niederer is the prince of the Kiki ballroom house House of B. Poderosa and performs regularly at queer events. Together with members of the House of B. Poderosa he takes you into a colorful, queer and painful performance on the theme “I`m not sick- I`m in pain”.

Daniela Ruocco: «Well-being»


Daniela Ruocco works polyglot and across disciplines. Her main interest is in performative formats and process-oriented ways of working; autonomous working structures are essential. Together with the actress Johanna Dähler she is currently working on various formats around the theme of female representation in rap under the feminist theater and performance label F*STING SISTERS.

As part of her work, Daniela asked artist friends how they are doing and what the pandemic is doing to them. Listen here in the Dampfzentrale podcast.

Brandy Butler: «Was kommt?»

Brandy Butler 2

Brandy Butler is a singer, performer and activist and works in various collaborations, as a music teacher and is an ensemble member of the Theater Neumarkt. Artistic work with and for young people is a great concern for her. She asked: How do children experience the Corona pandemic? What ideas do they have about what it can be like after the pandemic? What do they wish for afterwards?
During her week at Dampfzentrale Bern, Brandy Butler talks to children about imaginative ideas about the post-Corona world and lets them have their say in her artistic work for people aged 10 and up. An invitation from Brandy Butler to everyone to discover and discuss the question “What’s next?” together.