Eartheater (USA)

Eartheater is the solo project by Alexandra Drewchin from Queens. Her just-released third album “IRISIRI” (Pan) is a delightful mix of abstract pop, electronica, a three-octave vocal range, modular synthesizer, and harp sounds. Over the last few years, the trained composer with an inclination for performative live shows has created a place for herself in a hard-to-classify area between unusual experimental electronica and noisy pop songs punctuated with classical instruments. The pre-released single was called “C.L.I.T”, which, according to Alexandra Drewchin, “stands for ‘curiosity liberates infinite truth’. That’s kind of the main theme of the record”.

Drew McDowall (ex-Coil, UK)

From the mid-1990s, Drew McDowall was the most important member of Coil, alongside the core duo John Balance and Peter Christopherson, and was thus jointly responsible for timeless albums such as “Music To Play In The Dark”, “Astral Disaster”, and “Backwards”. McDowall was even the lead in the Coil side-project Time Machines, which is why he performed this classic of electronic drone music live at this year’s Club Transmediale. You can clearly hear McDowall’s musical roots in his solo work – Coil’s sound, one of the most idiosyncratic in the history of electronic music, always resonates. He will be presenting his new album “The Third Helix” at the exclusive Swiss show.