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Bern's heavy-bass event series Dubtopia returns to Dampfzentrale with Japanese producer Goth-Trad. Also taking part is DJ Timnah from Basel and Cutkachi from Bern - and as usual the heavyweight Justice Rivah Soundsystem.


Tickets CHF 20.- / 25.- / 30.-
Preiskategorie frei wählbar
Kulturlegi: 15.- (nur Abendkasse)
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Goth-Trad (Deep Medi, back to chill, Japan)
Timnah (Amenthia Recordings)
Justice Rivah & Iyah Ranks
Cutkachi (Dubtopia)
Kuratiert von Phrex.

Goth-Trad’s musical activity began in Japan in the late 90s. In 2001, he formed the band Rebel Familia with Takeshi ‘Heavy’ Akimoto (ex-member of Dry & Heavy), while continuing to work on his own music. From abstract electronica to noise, from dub and reggae to jungle and rave, from grime to dubstep, Goth-Trad has always experimented while developing his own unique style. To date, six studio albums have been released (including on Deep Medi), accompanied by worldwide tours. Goth-Trad also runs the underground heavy-bass club night Back To Chill in Shibuya, Tokyo, where he invites the latest local producers every month to play alongside big names from the international scene like The Bug or Kode9.

Timnah is a DJ with all the necessary rough edges for a soundsystem session and versed in all areas of electronic bass collages. Together with the Amenthia Crew she forms an important part of the backbone of Elysia in Basel and can be found behind the turntables in Bern every now and then – but rarely in a soundsystem context.

The Dampfzentrale will also be sounded by and with the Justice Rivah Soundsystem & Iyah Ranks. Justice Rivah have always been deeply connected to Dubtopia, mainly because of Selection, but also because of their massive speaker towers.

In addition, DJ Cutkachi will be there, who is also part of the Dubtopia family.

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