It was clear even before the Boiler Room documentary «Keep Bristol Weird» was recently released that: the British city of Bristol has had a truly DIY culture and ethos since the 1990s, when the first trip-hop sounds began to define the city’s musical output.

Kahn is an obvious symbol of this legacy: Using choice dub cuts from the British club culture, he constructs grime-influenced bass structures and stretches the parameters of the comfort zone to its fullest – since his unique sound is anything but cosy: When you hear Kahn’s music or go to one of his DJ sets, plenty of obscure grooves woven together with thunderous drum patterns fly at you like a wall of sound.

The respected foyer will be filled with sound by and with the Justice Rivah sound system. Deeply connected to Dubtopia since the early days, Justice Rivah are very welcome guests in Bern, above all because of their selection but also because of their massive speaker stacks.

The session is led by Phrex and Cutkachi, the masterminds behind Dubtopia and guardians of the grail of Bern bass. In the meantime, Dubtopia has also become a record label and is receiving the international support it deserves. It’s their high level of experimentation and their fervour for British music that distinguishes them and makes them so important to us.

Fotocredits: Joshua Hughes