When the dark wave of Trip Hop kicked off in the 1990s, Bristol was at the centre of the action. Trip Hop quickly disappeared again, but Bristol kept its place on the music map and is still involved in the formation of almost every electronic music genre from England.

The sound system project “Dubkasm”, which consists of the artists DJ Stryda & Digistep, also represents this Bristol sound. The two have been part of the backbone of England’s sound system culture for over 15 years now, delivering a scene hit with Victory and being rewarded with remixes by artists such as Mala. DJ sets by Dubkasm are also always a concert-like affair, using live instruments and effects as well as turntables.

The respected foyer will be filled with sound by and with the Justice Rivah sound system: deeply connected to Dubtopia since the early days, Justice Rivah are very welcome guests in Bern, above all because of their selection, but also because of their massive loudspeaker towers. They are accompanied in the Dampfzentrale Bern by Likkle Warriah on the mic.

The session is led by Phrex and Cutkachi, the masterminds behind Dubtopia and guardians of the grail of Bern bass. The two have recently taken Dubtopia an important step further: they have founded their own label and the second record (dbt002) with Orson & Phrex will be released shortly.