We are both of Costa Rican blood.
We are both queer.
We were both born on the 17th of April.
Dorian Wood über Xavela Lux Aeterna

Dorian Wood plays Xavela Lux Aeterna – The Voice Of Chavela Vargas

The Mexican-Costa Rican singer Chavela Vargas would have been one hundred years old on 17 April, just a few days before the concert. She was a voice filled with pain, rage, and fervour. Her music has been a holy grail for Dorian Wood for quite some time, as well as a starting point for a journey of self-reflection. Both sang and sing of the nakedness of the soul, renunciation of the homeland, and a plea to a world with blood on its hands. The concert by Dorian Wood is both a tribute and a dialogue between two creative souls who never met. He will be accompanied by double bass player Xavi Muñoz, percussionist Marcos Junquera, and a string quartet, consisting mainly of members of the Kaleidoscope String Quartet: Simon Heggendorn and Ronny Spiegel: violins; David Schnee: viola; Cécile Grüebler: cello.

«Dorian Wood klingt wie die finstere Alternative zu Antony Hegarty.»
Der Bund

«The performer, who bends genres as much as he bends gender, in performances that are a little bit torch song and a lot of avantgarde, delivers vocals that offer sublime beauty and pain.»
Los Angeles Times