Dagobert is also somewhat of an oddity when it comes to the German musical genre of schlager, as his fans tend to frequent alternative clubs and prefer squats to the big stages of multi-purpose halls. It is not even as though his songs, which he himself unashamedly calls schlager, are laced with satirical verve; his lyrics, as is the case in most of the songs of this genre, concern romantic themes. When his debut album was released seven years ago, it left a lot of fans with a lot of questions – was he ever meant to be taken seriously? Does the concept have any real potential for development?

His fourth album, «Jäger», recently hit stores and all questions about Dagobert’s song writing skills have long since been answered. Last year, Dagobert moved his life from Berlin to the mountains of Bernese Oberland. And everyone started to ask the same question – is he really serious? Vogue Germany once wrote: «You realise that you are dealing with a radical and boundless lover, or – in the best sense of the word – a madman.»