Six years after his debut release, it is still difficult to grasp the phenomenon of Dagobert. Many people ask themselves whether it was ever meant to be taken seriously. Dagobert is also somewhat of an oddity when it comes to the German musical genre of schlager, as his fans tend to frequent alternative clubs, and prefer squats to the big stages of multi-purpose halls. It is not even as though his songs are laced with satirical verve; his lyrics, as is the case in most of the songs of this genre, concern romantic themes. And from the musical side of things it is basically all harmony and niceness. And yet, his songs are stunning and great.

The story has been told a thousand times: The man from Aargau who, from inside a lonely alpine cabin, writes tons of songs for a lover, then records some of them in Berlin before releasing the tracks under the pseudonym Dagobert, thereby creating one of the most fascinating figures of the German music scene. He, who is serious about his passion for the music of David Hasselhoff and the Scorpions, before hailing the German thrash metal band Kreator as his new favourite group and convincing their guitarist and singer to be a guest musician on his second album. He, for whom the music press created the new stylish tag «indie schlager».

Dagobert recently released his third album «Welt ohne Zeit» and is now returning to Bern and Dampfzentrale for a third time. We are excited!!