Zauder and Zappel discover five feelings in five colours on their journey: yellow joy is the first to appear and bedazzle Zauder and Zappel. The two of them whoop, leap and tumble, but their joy is short-lived after erupting into an unrestrained dance. They are slowly enveloped by blue sadness. Zauder and Zappel sink into a pit of despondency. Red anger begins to arise and overcomes Zauder and Zappel; before long they are fuming, raging and about to burst. Finally, green calmness spreads a relaxed feeling of serenity, while grey fear can hardly be lured out of its shell. But what happens when we experience several emotions at the same time? And what happens if they unite into a motley chaos of feelings?

cie. zisch converts feelings into a tangible form through movement, sounds and costumes. Just like the weather, emotions come and go. grrr knrsch ha! is a dance piece that resonates in the ears, vibrates through the body and spellbinds young audiences aged 4 and over.

cie. zisch

The newly founded cie. zisch team includes: Franca Manz – a scenographer who works with fabrics –, Marie Jeger – a dancer and music educator –, Rosanna Zünd – a musician and composer who teaches children – and Dominique Enz – a theatre director who loves to dance. The four are united by an interest in working with young audiences, a desire to work collectively within a small team and the search for stage expression through bodies, textiles and sounds, without the need for spoken words.

Table Talks

On Sunday 22 May, discussion rounds about the five kicks! productions are planned in the Turbinensaal of the Dampfzentrale between 13:30 and 14:50. In the format of a «production speed-dating», each table will feature a kicks! group as well as a jury member of the festival. The programmers will then be allowed to enter into an exchange with each of them in a 15-minute time slot.


Direction: Dominique Enz
Costumes, Scenography, Co-Direction: Franca Manz
Choreography, Performance: Marie Jeger
Music, Performance: Rosanna Zünd
Production Manager: Alexandra Siegenthaler
Light: Nina Langosch
Outside Eye: Petra Fischer
Dramaturgical Advisor (Tanzhaus Zürich): Simon Fröhling
Support Mediation (Tanzhaus Zürich): Guillaume Guilherme

Co-produced with kicks! Festival Bern, Tanzhaus Zürich