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The Bottom Orchestra was founded by Kaspar von Grünigen in 2015 and, besides being a very personal affair, is a collective organism: It brings together ten musicians from Switzerland and Germany, who are engaged in a wide range of activities, both side-by-side and together. They are at home in the world of jazz, free improvisation or contemporary music – or basically everywhere at the same time. Thanks to its out-of-the-box approach, the Bottom Orchestra encounters off-the-beaten track experiences – always searching for common and musically-fertile ground.

Workers’ and industrial protest songs – work and its transformation through technology has left an indelible mark on the history of music due to unique and distinctive topics and sounds. Based on the rhythm and language of our post-industrial working lives, the Bottom Orchestra’s «Songs of Work» trace the relationships between people, work and sound and look capitalism right in its neo-liberal mouth. The ensemble changes course with relish: diving between amazing solo and wonderful ensemble performances, between precision mechanics and gross motor skills, between harmony and dissonance, between noise and sound. As the listener, you are consciously reminded of the music of the working-class struggle written by Brecht and Eisler.



Bass, Komposition, Texte: Kaspar von Grünigen. Gesang: Almut Kühne. Altsaxophon, Klarinette, Arrangements: Benjamin Weidekamp. Tenorsaxophon, Klarinette: Uli Kempendorff. Trompete: Silvan Schmid. Posaune: Lukas Briggen. Gitarre: Manuel Troller. Piano, Synthesizer: Philip Zoubek. Schlagzeug: Gregor Hilbe. Perkussion: Miguel Ángel García Martín.

Fotocredits: Florine Leoni

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