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Tickets via & Eventfrog. 

Somewhere in the city of Bern at 7 pm.
The location will be announced on the day of the blind date until 2 pm by SMS.


Celebrate the Bern culture with us in one evening and actively shape it: We will take you behind the scenes of our cultural institutions, involve you in the creative work and toast together at the aperitif afterwards. We won’t tell you who you’ll be spending the evening with. Together we will explore the untested, dare inventive approaches and enter unexplored creative worlds. Go on a blind date with us and discover Bernese culture anew!



Blind Dates:

01. December 2023
01. March 2024
01. June 2024
01. September 2024


More info & tickets via

A project of Bühnen der Hauptstadt in collaboration with Erupt and RaBe, initiated by the Kulturvermittlungsstammtisch.

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