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At first glance, movement may be the most obvious thing in a dance performance – a gesture within a space that is clearly recognisable and taken for granted. The world of movement of someone who is unable to move in the eyes of others remains hidden to most people. This is the focus of «Bewegt», a piece that draws on the differences between its two performers. What does it mean not being able to hug someone and how can affection be expressed if it cannot be emphasised through gestures or body language? What does it feel like to be touched almost exclusively for functional reasons? «Bewegt» poses the question of how the playful, clumsy, surprising aspects of body language can be communicated in other forms, figuratively or verbally. Images, language and movement are three equally important elements within the performance and provide a view of a universe that captivates through its process of differentiating.

Don’t call me by my name

The artist Laila White is at home in various disciplines. Her solo dance project «Don’t call me by my name» begins with a large-scale projection of impressive self-portraits. These images lead the way into a narrative space through which the performer then moves with her intense presence. She gives an account of fragile moments in her life whilst not revealing all her secrets. This duality creates a narrative that goes beyond her personal biography and leaves the audience with a much fuller view of the world.

Masks required. Mandatory contact tracing with the BuCK Corona tool. Please register once with your smartphone and show the QR code at the entrance. More information here.



Konzept / Performance: Lea Vejnovic, Andrea Frei, Raphael Zürcher
Texte: Lea Vejnovic, Andrea Frei unter Verwendung von Kübra Gümüsay, Sprache und Sein © 2020 Hanser Berlin in der Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, München

Video: Raphael Zürcher


Laila White

Konzept und Regie: Antonio Quiles / Alteraciones D-T CO

Performer: Laila White

Kreation und Choreografie: Antonio Quiles und Laila White

Texte: Antonio Quiles

Fotografie: Laila White


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