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Experience various Swiss dance groups live.
They perform short dance pieces.
They boast a potpourri of dancers:
young and old, serious and joyful.
With and without disabilities.
They see themselves as artistic groups.

Integrative dance groups, youth and children’s dance groups, older dancers and «completely normal» amateur dance groups are invited to attend this platform – the only one of its kind in Switzerland – to pursue a creative and participatory method to their work. What they all have in common though is that they are under professional direction and pursue both artistic and social aims.

In alphabetic order:

Was ich schon immer mal auf der Bühne machen wollte von BewegGrund, Bern.
Direction: Kathrin Yvonne Bigler and Christine Hasler.
An audio play for the stage by and with young adults.
Ein Stück Glück von akarMixelles, Bern.
Choreografie: Sylvia Frauchiger.
A contemporary dance project with girls under 10 and women over 60.
Enso – Duo 1 von der Compagnie dansehabile, Genf
Choreografie: Caroline de Cornière.
Duo inclusif.
Face the music…and dance von der BewegGrund Performancegruppe, Bern.
Choreografie: Jürg Koch.
Presenting dance in the public domain.
Sprachflug von StrandGut, Basel.
Choreografie: Béatrice Goetz.
Contemporary dance group.
Worte bewegen Menschen von In-Zeit-Sprung, Basel.
Choreografie: Pilar Buira Ferre.
Contemporary dance theatre project for women and men aged 50+.
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