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What kind of music and dance do you like?
Tango, waltz, hip-hop?

The BewegGrund performance group dances to music in the streets.
“Let’s face the music and dance” is also a popular song by the composer Irvin Berlin from 1936. People have different tastes in music and dance that are as distinctive as their identities. Is it tango, a waltz, hip-hop, or contact improvisation…?

In the everyday urban environment, snippets of music escape from shops and bars, street musicians play, someone passes by with a boom-box – wherever there is music to be heard, the ensemble faces the situation and dances – partly choreographed, partly improvised, adapting to the circumstances, seemingly spontaneous, unexpected moments of dance arise.



Besetzung: Luzi Bader, Karyn Coassin, Barbara Hug, David Optalek, Elena Ramelli, Sandra Sasdi, Petra Stillhart, Doré Walther. Choreografie: Jürg Koch.

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