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Atelier Rohling

Atelier Rohling is a place that allows artists with mental and psychological impairments to work professionally on their artistic endeavours and to develop them continuously. As the organisation behind it, Rohling assists the artists with their creative work, administration, archiving of works, and organising exhibitions.
The artists perform as Kollektiv Rohling, implementing joint actions and projects. The individual authorship dissolves in the performance as a collective.

Marco Glauser 1992

Marco Glauser presents a world in which dinosaurs meet manga to join forces against a nasty, chauvinistic world and protect endangered animals. His alter ego Fatman the dinosaur researcher is by their side, leading us through the jungle of prehistoric fauna and modern technology. In doing so, Glauser combines archetypes and new symbols into an independent language. Marco Glauser works at the Atelier Rohling studio.

Masks will also be on display at the exhibition. The masks are a work by the Kollektiv Rohling, created as part of Kunsthappenings inkl!, a procession through Bern city centre in December 2016 in collaboration with BewegGrund, among others.

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