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Tickets 25.- / 30.- / 40.-
Price category freely selectable
Kulturlegi: 16.- (box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, cultural GA, wheelchair spaces)
20:00 Mental Load (DJ Set)
21:00 Bendik Giske
22:00 Chuquimamani-Condori
23:00 Mental Load (DJ Set)
The artistic work of Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske is characterized by his exploration of queer physicality, vulnerability and endurance, which he expresses through the instrument. The soundscape on Chuquimamani-Condori's album «DJ E», released at the end of 2023, is wonderfully bizarre. The artist blurs the line between folk and club music to such an extent that the two can no longer be distinguished.

Bendik Giske

After Bendik Giske performed at the Saint Ghetto Festival in 2021 as part of Caterina Barbieri’s Light Years Show, the Berlin-based saxophonist returns to Dampfzentrale Bern with his latest, self-titled album. Bendik Giske is a lot more raw, minimalist and less melodic than its two predecessors Cracks (2021) and Surrender (2019), thanks in part to the production work of London musician Beatrice Dillon. The focus is increasingly on rhythm and various sonic patterns as well as audible physicality. Circular breathing, a breathing technique in which pauses are avoided in order to create a constant flow of sound, remains a central element in Giske’s musical expression. Giske will be accompanied live by light artist Theresa Baumgartner and sound artist Wouter Jaspers.


Chuquimamani-Condori – known to many as Elysia Crampton – is the Aymara name of the California-based artist who belongs to the Great Pakajaqi people, currently occupied by the countries of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The musician and lyricist has always balanced dissonance and unity in a way that few others can. On the album DJ E, self-released in November 2023, the artist has almost perfected this formula. This may be the reason why fans on the internet keep using terms such as «light-giving», «life-affirming» and «cathartic» to talk about it.

This highly euphoric, wonderfully bizarre and dense wall of sound is composed of flutes, synthesizers, power chords, a whole soundboard full of DJ drops and even, as mentioned in the Bandcamp liner notes, the sound of a real circular saw.

Mental Load (DJ Set)

Ste aka Mental Load plays subtle and charged sounds against the live, laugh, love conditions of existence. These are queering musical ventures and sensual surprises for adventurous hearts and curious minds. They operate out of swamps and loopholes, are infatuated with the invisible and the unheard, know no boundaries, but love to dance cheekily on the borderlines.

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