Bolivia’s largest prison, Palmasola, is organised like an enclosed city with its own rules. It doesn’t provide cells, but the inmates have to rent, buy, build or possibly even fight for their own accommodation. The piece is based on research which the Swiss-Bolivian team made, visiting the prison several times and talking to inmates,staff and lawyers.

Regie & Bühne Christoph Frick Mit Omar Callisaya Callisaya, Jorge Antonio Arias Cortez, Nicola Fritzen, Marioly Urzagaste Galarza Dramaturgie Carolin Hochleichter, Jhonnatan Torrez Casanoba Video David Campesino Musik Bo Wiget und andere Ton & Raum Susanne Affolter ProduktionsleitungMaxine Devaud / Maxinthewood Productions Lichtadaption Pablo Weber Fernández