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A killjoy is a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others. As Sara Ahmed does in her «Killjoy Manifesto», Luanda Casella uses the killjoy figure as someone who is ready to denounce violence, even when that requires creating discomfort. The pleasant predictability of a television quiz gradually gives way to a much tougher thought exercise.

Participants try to answer questions «correctly». But what does such accomplishment say about the quality of someone’s knowledge? One might know things about the world but not necessarily understand the complexities behind those facts.

«KillJoy Quiz» subverts the idea of scoring points on knowledge by proposing a game without a winner, where learning how to enter into dialogue is the ultimate goal. Words are powerful and eloquence is a weapon.


Konzept & Regie: Luanda Casella
Performance: Luanda Casella, Yolanda Mpelé und Lindah Nyirenda
Gesang: Maïmouna Rachels, Timia van der Linden und Helena Casella
Komposition: Pablo Casella
Dramaturgie: Sébastien Hendrickx
Coaching: Lucius Romeo-Fromm
Choreografie: Lucius Romeo-Fromm
Szenografie: Felix Fasolt
Bühnenbau: NTGent, X-treme Creations
Produktionsleitung: Greet Prové
Künstlerische Planung: Carl Vermeersch
Produktion: NTGent
Koproduktion: Workspacebrussels, De Grote Post

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