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Future Lovers» goes up-close to the generation born around 2000, which is growing up in our new hyperstimulated and technological world, a world that is changing the ways we relate, communicate, touch and love each other. Six young people party on a summer’s night in the woods outside the city, setting their paths for the future and trying to hold on to what they have.


Konzept & Kreation Celso Giménez Mit Pablo Díaz, Manuel Egozkue, Gonzalo Herrero, Itziar Manero, Siro Ouro und Sara Toledo Künstlerische & dramaturgische Mitarbeit Itsaso Arana, Violeta Gil Produktionsleitung Alicia Calôt Technische LeitungRoberto Baldinelli Lichtdesign: Carlos Marquerie Bühne Ana Muñiz Sounddesign Eduardo Castro Kostüme Pedro Lobo

Produktion Teatros del Canal, Comunidad de Madrid

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