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In the beginning there was only shapeless darkness. For centuries man has been telling himself various stories about what came next: the birth of the world. In «SUN-SET» Ezra Veldhuis, Bosse Provoost and Oshin Albrecht try to find out how a ‘cosmogonic moment’ can be imagined, the fragile moment when nothing turns into something. Shifting between light and darkness, abstraction and figuration, SUN-SET evokes in-between worlds, in a theatre hall that seems to be alive itself. An intimate performance that brings you to – or just beyond – the limits of your imagination.


Konzept Ezra Veldhuis und Bosse Provoost Kreation Oshin Albrecht, Ezra Veldhuis und Bosse Provoost Sound Design Benjamin Cools Dramaturgie Sébastien Hendrickx Produktion Toneelhuis und Kraagsteen Koproduktion Playground (Stuk & M Leuven)

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