In their new creation Yes but No, Yael Ronen and the fearless Gorki-ensemble take the aftermath of #MeToo personally. They face themselves as victims and as perpetrators, discuss attacks, sexual abuse, explore desires and boundaries, get to the bottom of their own fears and mindfucks, and search for sincere communication in private regions.


Von: Yael Ronen & Ensemble. Mit: Riah May Knight, Lindy Larsson, Svenja Liesau, Orit Nahmias, Taner Şahinturk. Regie: Yael Ronen. Bühne: Magda Willi. Kostüme: Amit Epstein. Songs & Musik: Yaniv Fridel, Shlomi Shaban, Ofer Shabi. Additional Songwriting: Riah May Knight, Lindy Larsson. Video: Hanna Slak. Licht: Gregor Roth. Dramaturgie: Irina Szodruch.