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Who would have thought that even happiness could be remixed? But Anouk&Henry, the experimental pop duo from Bern, shows how it’s done: there is now a vinyl version of their latest mini-album release “Happyness”, which has been newly interpreted by renowned Swiss artists. Three of these will toast the record live in the Dampfhalle. One of them is Dave Eleanor, driving force and co-founder behind the label BlauBlau, who is super-vigilant in investigating the alternatives in pop and in doing so comes up with results that go down just as well on the dancefloor as they do on the motorway.

The music of Rotkeller, the second remix guest, focuses primarily on gloom: the pair from Freiburg scour the spheres of action of drum machines and obscure samples for heavy grooves that are nested somewhere in the network between grim dub, electronica and similar.

And finally, the evening will be brought to a close with a DJ set by Sképson. The Bernese techno DJ, member of the Tiefgang family and a regular and popular act in the Dampfzentrale, has also reinterpreted part of the Happyness album.

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