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Unique insights from experts get you in the mood for the performances. A special introduction to the evening together, and guaranteed spoiler free.

Are people with disabilities sexy? Do people with disabilities put themselves on display or are they finally expressing themselves in a true light? Which body is beautiful? Is selfacceptance among people with disabilities promoted through performance? Is there a place for diversity outside of art in everyday society? I often get asked these and similar questions and they need to be answered to ensure inclusion becomes an everyday reality.

Expert: Michelle Zimmermann (head of inspiration, epidermolysis bullosa sufferer, author, initiator and managing director of Miss and Mister Handicap contests from 2009 to 2016)


Masks mandatory. Admission only with Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (ID, passport, driving license). Further information here.


Photo: Daniela Fricke

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