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Unique insights from experts get you in the mood for the performances. A special introduction to the evening together, and guaranteed spoiler free.

What do we actually mean when we talk about something “flowing”? The performance “ELVEDON” explores the unstoppable flow of time – among collectives and house communities, the free exchange of money, goods, knowledge and time is often referred to as “free flow”. This mutual caring for each other tries to break with the calculating principle of the logic of exchange.

But even this is not possible without a certain amount of planning and a concept. What experiences of community and collectivity become possible in the process? What is it like to share a bank account with ten people?

Expert: Geneva Moser (gender researcher, philosopher and dance therapist)


Masks mandatory. Admission only with Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (ID, passport, driving license). Further information here.


Photo: Ella Mettler

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