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Unique insights from experts get you in the mood for the performances. A special introduction to the evening together, and guaranteed spoiler free.

Concepts of cultural studies relating to a form of the in-between are varied and diverse and are being addressed and discussed in a wide range of disciplines, from political philosophy to anthropology and post-colonial theory. But what exactly is the potential of the in-between as a theoretical concept and method? And where does the concept start to reach its limitations? Taking these questions as a starting point, the in-between is discussed as a promise of transformation and further questioned using current socio-political discourses of the concepts of diversity and cultural participation.

Expert: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Portmann (postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Theatre Studies of the University of Bern)


Masks mandatory. Admission only with Covid certificate (Swiss Covid certificate or EU/EFTA Digital Covid Certificate) and official ID (ID, passport, driving license). Further information here.

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