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Tickets 20.- / 30.- / 40.-
Price category freely selectable
U18: 10.- (please reserve seats for all children)
Kulturlegi: 16.- (box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, Kultur-GA, Rollstuhlplätze)

Duration: 70 minutes



Yin and yang, earth and air, love and hate, freedom and captivity – juggling opposites reflects the center, offers new perspectives and spreads out a multifaceted dance floor. Many colorful dance pieces were created during an intensive and fun process. The children and young people deal with opposites and transform them into movement.

Who hasn’t seen the image of children spontaneously starting to dance when they hear music? Children love movement. The children’s dance classes at akar respond to this need and focus on children’s urge to move. Stepping out of the studio and onto the stage is a courageous step for children and young people. They learn a lot in the process, such as how to give form to an artistic statement and experience how music, spatial design and costumes shape the choreography.

Children’s and youth classes aged 4 to 19, Inklusiver Tanz für Jugendliche, ParkiDance and children’s dance group.

Choreography / dance teachers
Silena Bertolino, Vanessa Cook, Rebecca Eggenberg, Britta Gärtner, Regula Mahler, Catherine Plichta

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