Who doesn’t know the image of children who spontaneously start dancing when they hear music? Children love movement. In the children’s dance classes at akar, we cater to this need and focus on the child’s urge to move.

Stepping out of the studio onto the stage is a brave step for children and young people. In the process, they learn a lot, such as how to put an artistic statement into a form and experience how music, spatial design and costumes shape the choreography.

This performance is about all things earthly. The children’s and youth dance classes explore floral patterns and plants, water and waves, sand, the desert, and spiders and their webs, dancing and discovering the diversity of our earth.


Es tanzen: zwölf Kinderklassen im Alter zwischen 4 und 16 Jahren.

Choreografie /Tanzpädagog*innen: Silena Bertolino, Vanessa Cook, Britta Gärtner,
Sylvia Frauchiger, Regula Mahler, Agata Lawniczak, Emanuel Rüfenacht.

Videoprojektionen: William Speakman

Licht: Barbara Widmer

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Projektleitung: Carole Meier

Fotocredits: Nicolas Bazo