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Alleyne Dance is welcoming dancers of all disciplines to join us for our professional morning class. Dancing alongside the company’s professional cast, the class will involve strong and complex sequences in and out of the floor, improvisation as well as focusing on performance and stamina.

Professional Class

We will play with the art of intention, honesty of movement and how emotions can transform material or be used as stimuli.
This class is for performers who want to discover their personal style in movement and enrich their self- development to improve in auditions and creative processes.

Dates: 19.9., 21.9., 26.9., 28.9. (can be booked and attended individually)
Cost: CHF 10.- per class
Time: 10:00-11:00
Venue: Dampfzentrale
(19.9. & 21.9. in Dampfzentrale Studio, 26.9. & 28.9. in Dampfzentrale Turbinensaal)

The class will be held in English.

Registration to Please include the following details: Which days will you attend? Also kindly confirm the following: “I am an experienced dancer and will take responsibility for my own body during the session, including warming up, cooling down etc.”

Other Workshops for Non-Professionals

Would you like to perform with an international dance company at Dampfzentrale?

Alleyne Dance (UK), will premiere a new dance piece, in Dampfzentrale in October 2023.  They are looking to find a supporting cast made up of non-professional movers recruited from the local community.  The company is coming to Bern in September 2022 to offer taster workshops for their new piece, Far From Home.  The sessions will be fun, energetic and for people of all abilities, with and without disabilities and of all ages (12-100!) No prior knowledge in contemporary dance is needed, just a passion and excitement for movement is required.


Flyer with all the information

About Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance (AD) is a UK based company with an international reach, founded in 2014 by award winning dancers and twin sisters Kristina and Sadé Alleyne. The choreographic aesthetic reflects the sisters diverse background in athleticism and dance training. Within their abstract contemporary construct, Alleyne Dance blend West African, Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak and Circus Skills, delivered as fast paced and dynamic movement. They infuse lyrical and fluid motion, layered with rhythm and textures in physically powerful, yet graceful performances.

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