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Tickets CHF 20.– / 30.– / 50.–
Price category can be freely selected
Kulturlegi: 15.- (nur Abendkasse)
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Duration: 60 min




Raphaël Belfiore (*1995): At every instant, seeing reason to believe as much, and not being able to satisfy himself of the contrary, he should conceive himself to be so

Hugo Bell (*1992): A Body Not Bound By The Same Limitations

Marta Haladzhun (*1994): Crossing the Water – for 8 instruments, smartphones and the audience with objects


Joaquín N. Macedo (*1989): Topographien l (Metamorphose)

Noel Schmidlin (*1992): stören
for ensemble and motion detectors that play a disturbing sound recording as soon as the audience does not move in a sufficiently disturbing way.


Protonwerk is the support platform for contemporary music created by Ensemble Proton Bern. For «Protonwerk No. 12 – true participation», concepts were sought that rethink the role of the «listener»: the audience becomes an essential part of the performance and the concert thus a true community experience.

Musically, the audience can expect atmospheric sound carpets, complex choreographies and meditative sounds combined with some surprise moments.

Six young composers were selected for a commissioned composition. A workshop and an intensive rehearsal phase before the concert allow the composers to carefully examine the works and their realization.


Ensemble Proton Bern

dramaturgy – Daniella Strasfogel
flute – Bettina Berger
oboe – Martin Bliggenstorfer
clarinet – Mariella Bachmann
bassoon – Elise Jacoberger
harp – Vera Schnider
piano – Coco Samuel Fried
violin – Maximilian Haft
violoncello – Jan-Filip Ťupa

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