World premieres by Catherine Lamb (USA) and Xavier Dayer (CH) accompany us in contemplation during the long dark days of December: music that does not emphasise the search for contour but poetically describes the stranger, more hidden things. They are for example traces of colour (color residua) as Lamb describes one of her pieces, that composers make visible through very soft sounds. An evening spent in the lucidity of shadows…


Dayer, Xavier (*1973): Neues Werk (2018) UA, com

Lamb, Catherine (*1982): Neues Werk (2018) SEA


Conductor: Matthias Kuhn. Flute: Bettina Berger. Lupophone: Martin Bliggenstorfer. Clarinet: Richard Haynes. Contraforte: Elise Jacoberger. Harp: Vera Schnider. Piano: Samuel Fried. Violin: Maximilian Haft, Corinna Canzian. Violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa.