The Bern-based band Inside the Baxter Building will be producing three versions of the transdisciplinary installation “Serendipity – Three Experimental Sessions” in Basel, Bern, and Solothurn between June and November 2018. It is the continuation of the series of installations that began in the Galerie Réunion in Zurich in May 2017.

The installation consists of works of art by three visual artists, three compositions, a sound installation that incorporates the works of art, and three films that show the creation of the works of art. In the midst of this installation, Inside the Baxter Building put on interdisciplinary performances with local artists.

The iron sculptor Gamelle and the performing artists Ipek Füsun and Caroline Schenkwill be taking part in the event at the Dampfzentrale in Bern.

The performances with local artists represent a resumption of an idea that emerged in 2015 and underlies the “Serendipity” project: the mutual influence of music and other art forms in unique performances in selected spaces.

Inside The Baxter Building are Fabian Gutscher, Samuel Würgler, and Simon Petermann.