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Doors: 15:00

Duration: 45 minutes

The speakers will explore the question of how our cities, our houses and our apartments should actually be built. From the garden to the roof beam, everything will be discussed.

Sarah Schalles – member of IG Lehm and director of the SEED initiative
Steffan Zöllig – pioneer of timber construction

Sarah Schalles will start with an introduction to the possibilities of building with clay, because contrary to popular belief, clay is more versatile than almost any other building material. In the second part of her input, she will discuss SEED’s holistic approach to neighborhood development.

Steffan Zöllig’s ideas have not stuck; he has shown time and time again that most new buildings are actually crimes. With statements such as “Anyone who still builds houses with heating systems today should be taken out of circulation.” Or: “Service charges are a crime.” He backs this up. We can look forward to exciting examples and insights into the possibilities of wood as a building material, as well as one or two anecdotes.


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