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Singer Lucia Cadotsch, winner of a 2023 Swiss Music Prize, explores undiscovered songs in a chamber music context with her band AKI.

She is considered one of the outstanding voices of contemporary jazz and is constantly reinventing herself with her innovative projects: Lucia Cadotsch, who will be awarded a Swiss music prize this year. AKI is the name of the Zurich jazz singer’s international band, with which she is now performing in Bern. Together with pianist/organist Kit Downes, bassist Phil Donkin and drummer James Maddren, Cadotsch explores a new song repertoire in AKI.

AKI’s debut CD, released in May 2023, was created “through a collective compositional process in which each piece was interpreted and shaped through the musical lens of each individual, so that all are given their space, shine individually, and yet together bring the composition to fruition.” This idea is central to the vocalist. It is an emotional experience, she says, to work with such a supportive team of “people who really listen to me and trust me.”

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