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The foundation stone for the literary magazine «Das Narr» was laid 13 years ago. It has since established itself as one of the most important magazines for new literature. A generational change is now imminent, and although the theme of the latest issue is «End Times» believe us: THIS IS NOT THE END!

Let’s read together, toast together, dance together. Here’s to the latest issue, to 13 years of «The Fool» and to all that is to come!


Lecture: Niki Grieser, Alyna Reading, Noemi Somalvico
Moderation: Fabio Kilcher
DJ Set: Sappho’s Drama

Das Narr

Narr – the narrativist literary magazine has been publishing voices that are not yet heard elsewhere since 2011. It offers readers an insight into the literature of the future and young writers a platform for their first steps in the literary world. The magazine is published three times a year, and carefully designed special projects are realized on an irregular basis. Around 200 authors have published in Narr, making it one of the most important Swiss literary magazines.

In 2016, the magazine was awarded the Canton of Solothurn Art and Culture Prize for Literature. This was followed in 2018 by a nomination for the Federal Swiss Design Award for design and in 2019 by a nomination for the Design Preis Schweiz. In 2020, the Narr was nominated for the Willy Fleckhaus Prize in Germany.

Sappho’s Drama

Sappho’s Drama performs, plugs in the phones and switches to vibrate mode to make you vibrate without a vibrator. Sappho’s Drama is an Iconic Lez Pop Porn flavoured performance to sing along to. It’s Kylie, Britney and Whitney interrupting Cardi B, GIRLI and Sexy Sushi without warning. Sappho’s Drama doesn’t take itself seriously, except when it comes to selfies. Sappho’s Drama is porn and knows it. Sappho’s Drama is 100% Lez Culture, but in non-binary and trans-inclusive. Come spill the tea with us and your ex’s ex, share the love, and feel Sappho’s Drama’s vibes!

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